Udder Health Management Summary and Udder Health Cow Report

AgSource Dairy’s Udder Health Management Summary provides an overview of udder health, with the ability to drill down deeper into herd data to pinpoint problematic areas, looking at one year of historical test data. Spot trends and problematic time periods throughout the year for fresh, chronic and new infection cows. New udder health issues are displayed by group – lactation, stage of lactation and days in milk.

Additionally, you’ll find data related to your herd’s SCC, including distribution of herd SCC ranges, percent high SCC by lactation group and DIM, and weighted SCC over the last two years. This valuable decision tool is great for looking at your herd’s overall performance.

To capture udder health status on an individual cow level, refer to your Udder Health Cow Report. Here you’ll find chronic cows, cows that failed to cure while dry, and cows that had new infections.

Both of these reports help you and your management team pinpoint where protocols are working, may need fine tuning, or where they need to be established.

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