The Herd Summary is a dynamic decision tool that  evaluates your whole herd’s dairy information, observing and monitoring the impacts of your management decisions. This tool focuses on four categories – Milk Production, Reproduction, Genetics and Inventory.

Not only can you see current month’s data, but there are graphs that depict trends throughout the past eighteen months. These graphs help identify areas that may be struggling or excelling due to management or environmental causes. By identifying these, management changes can be implemented to reduce any production loss and keep reproduction numbers steady.

It’s important to pay attention to the current numbers on the report as well. Are you achieving herd goals you’ve set for yourself? You can keep tabs on your production, components, and SCC now and for the past year. Lactation groups are then broken out under the production section so you can monitor each group for nutritional and energy needs by observing peak milk and persistency’s. Watch your reproductive numbers on the back of the page by monitoring key areas like days open, calving interval, and services per conception.  Evaluate genetic progress in your herd by watching values like NM$ trend upwards through the lactation groups. 

Finally, monitor inventory on calves, turnover, and future herd numbers. These blocks can aid in making a change in calving protocols to reduce calf mortality rates, or enable an earlier decision to cull if death loss is high.

Overall, the Herd Summary can give you a quick look at your herds performance and reaction to management and environmental changes. Using this decision tool in conjunction with other AgSource products like Profit Opportunity Analyzer will help guide management decisions and optimize your herd’s performance.