Udder Health Package

Manage chronic infection in your herd to minimize the realized and unrealized losses due to mastitis with AgSource Dairy’s Udder Health Package. 

This tool will help you identify at-risk segments of the herd to aid in developing preventative strategies, help monitor results of protocols to cure the previous month’s new infections, identify candidates for Easy Mastitis PCR or culturing, and decide which candidates are best for removal.  

Fresh Cow Package

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your transition cow management program and monitor the changes with the Fresh Cow Package.  

Since 80% of a cow’s metabolic disease events occur in the weeks following calving, knowing when something is amiss during this time is critical in making sound management decisions. Through a partnership with the University of Wisconsin Madison, we developed the Transition Cow Index®, an unbiased, quantitative, time-sensitive way to monitor subclinical ketosis and subclinical mastitis.  

Genetic Summary and Genetic Selection Guides

Need a tool to assist with the use of sexed semen, beef semen, genomic testing or embryo transfer? Make more informed breeding decisions, experience faster genetic progress and control inbreeding with our Genetic Summary and Genetic Selection Guides.  

These management tools provide you with valuable information about the current genetic makeup within your herd, the future genetics entering your herd and inbreeding data. Genetic data combined with production data on cows and heifers provides you with short and long-term management information you might not have otherwise known.  


A comprehensive management tool that combines laboratory analysis and individual cow data, collected weekly or on the monthly test day, to provide producers with an estimate of a herd’s monthly ketosis prevalenceand identifying when blood testing or therapeutic treatments should be implemented.  

This cost-effective management tool will help curb the costly impacts of ketosis.  

Herd Report Card

The Herd Report Card compares your herd’s performance to similar AgSource Dairy herds across five key management areas: Production, Reproduction & Genetics, Inventory, Udder Health and Fresh Cow Transition.  

This management tool graphically depicts how your herd compares to the 10th, 50th and 90th percentiles of similar herds. Long-term trends that go unnoticed on other monthly management tools, become very clear with the Herd Report Card.    

Each management area benchmarked is a measure you can control with management decisions – allowing you to focus on the areas that will maximize profits.  

Profit Opportunity Analyzer

POA® is a multi-faceted management tool that allows you to identify the herd management areas of your operation that have the greatest opportunity for additional revenue.  

Using more than 85 data points derived from your sample data and seven producer defined input variables, you’ll be able to evaluate eleven key areas of management performance. Your values are compared with 44 sets of benchmarks comprised of 1,000 benchmark values.  

AgSource Dairy’s POA®, delivered by a trained Outreach team member, helps your entire management team set and meet goals to achive maximum revenue. 


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